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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wants vs. Needs Check-Up

Last Thursday I challenged you (my one lone reader, yes, I know who you are!) to make a Needs and Wants list. Did you hang on to yours? Did you reflect back on it this week? Okay, no show and tell, I promised and I keep my word.

The goal of the exercise was getting back to thankful, right? Turning around and finding our way back to the path where we remember to give thanks daily? My other challenge was about this thankfulness stuff. Did you come up with one thing per day? Did you miss any days? (Migraine headaches made me miss TWO!)

Alright, think about this: if you made a new list today, wants vs. needs, would it be different in any way? Don't make a new list just yet, I'd like us to work with last week's list for four weeks and see what transitions we go through. One week isn't usually long enough to make a lasting change.

New challenge? I'm so glad you asked!! This week I want you to add one additional thing your thankful for each day. So if you were shooting for one a day, this week go for two...and so on and so on. :o) Let's compare notes again next week and make Thursdays known for thankfulness! :o)

Thankful for: Coffee - I seriously consider this a NEED!
My second thankful for: the calm between the storms! Severe weather sandwiches aren't fun but at least we can enjoy today in between them!

Lessons Learned:
*I'm impatient on days like this, I want the ground to be instantly dried up so we can go play!
*When I slow down and concentrate I can knock out 40 pages of editing & revising in one day!
*I'm hopelessly addicted to social media but I think that could be some way...right?
*There's nothing quite like the genuine laughter of your kids at the most unexpected times to make your day a lot brighter
*There is such a thing as "writer's block" but it is NOT a fatal disease!! :o)

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