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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How Do You Define Family?

Y'all may very well laugh at me but the phrase, "blood is thicker than water," never made a whole lick of sense to me. Of course it is! Have you seen blood? Have you seen water? 

I guess from the context of how it's used I would surmise it to mean something like family is a stronger bond than any other relationship we encounter. I think that's true. But how do you define family?

Family to me is more a feeling than a definition. Does that sound odd? Well, if you know me by now than you know I'm a little off the wall like that. Just roll with it! 

I grew up with relatives and family being sometimes different categories. That's not to say I don't love all of my relatives, it's just I'm not as close with some as I am with others. However, in my family category there are plenty of non-blood members! There are even subcategories filled with these amazing people. 

I think relatives who are family in the sense that you feel that unbreakable closeness are a sweet blessing to thank God for. I believe that family who aren't 'blood' are a double blessing because it's family you've chosen and they choose you back. You have a bond of some kind that bring a feeling of togetherness.

It may be a friend you made back in school, one from work, it can even be an online friend you've never met in person. Doesn't matter how you met. There's a feeling that covers your heart and lets you know that there's a kinship which is more special than just a passing ship in the night. It's wanting to stick up for them if someone attacks, it's sharing in their joy, comforting them through their pain. Family is love, unconditionally unique. 

Thankful For: Family! All my families, you know who you are and I love you!
Second Thanks: Warm weather days! I love getting outside & feeling the sun on my skin!

Lessons Learned:
*Jack of all trades can lead to too many irons in the fire to keep productive at times.
*Prioritizing, lists, focus are all good tools to get any job done!
*You can find family in all sorts of places!
*I am easily drawn to people, fast trusting and sometimes fragile but I've got a good support network to fall back on.
*Sometimes you can scare people off if you're too friendly too soon! LOL

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