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Friday, December 2, 2011

Obedience to God's Calling

I've had writer's block! At least that's what I keep blaming it on!

Truth? I only just admitted it fully to myself today...I've allowed "writer's block" to become a crutch to laziness! I read a comment on a Facebook status that got me "rolling" on a new Niki's Thoughts message and as I searched for a Bible verse to coincide with what was swirling around my brain I came past I Timothy and I paused as I read Chapter 4 - especially verse 14, it seemed to jump off the page at me!

I'm keeping this blog informal, more about my feelings than my Biblical, um, interpretations so I won't quote the verse or go into a lot of detail but I can say without a doubt God was kicking me into gear with that verse this morning! I thought, "Man Lord, I can't believe the patience You have with me, I've been a lazy brat about my writing, about my Bible study, about my faith!"

Structure breeds discipline and discipline fights laziness so I have decided I need structure! I think God's been trying to tell me this for a while but I used writer's block, a needy toddler, a moody tween and a busy husband all as excuses but today God knew I needed to be dragged by my ear to get me in gear!

Lessons learned:
Structure needs to be scheduled in and stuck to!
Making that schedule is never going to be easy!
Sticking to it will be even harder!
Love and forgiveness all around will need to be in big supply!

You'll know it's working if you see new blogs every few days! Wish me luck! Better yet, please say a prayer and feel free to "nag" me lovingly to stick with it!!!