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Friday, March 2, 2012

No Regrets!

I never went to college. I imagine as you read that one of a dozen or more things race through your mind. I've heard most of them, I've thought even more of them. I realized this morning that nothing is going to change how I feel: I have no regrets.

Every decision we make shapes our life and guides our path. So how can I regret the decision that brought me to the beautiful family I have? My husband and I have been married nearly thirteen years, and yes, I'm more in love now than I was the day I married him. I have two amazing children with personalities bigger than our house! I wouldn't change a thing in life because then they wouldn't be who they are today.

Has my life been a cornucopia of good times, goals achieved and loads of love? No, not so much. We've had plenty of ups and downs. Some might look at the past thirteen years and say we've had more downs than ups. How we face every situation, how we choose to react also shapes how we look back on everything! When you think back on the hard times in your past do you see despair? Or do you see the people who helped you through it? 

Instead of remembering your decisions with regret, remorse or disgust, try to see the lessons you learned from the direction those decisions took you. Think back on who you grew closer to, who you realized was not a true friend and who you learned you cannot live without. Life lessons learned are priceless and as long as we use every twist in our path to teach us something than we should be able to travel memory lane with no regrets!

Thankful for: My family! I am blessed to be surrounded by a husband, daughter & son who wouldn't trade this crazy lady for anyone else in the world!
My second thankful: weather technology! As strong storms spread across the middle and southeast portions of the US today I am thankful our meteorologists have great tools to help keep us weather aware!

Lessons learned:
*Looking back can take a certain amount of thinking outside the box to keep a 'no regrets' policy in place but it's more than worth the effort!
*Creativity counts! Sometimes life requires a heavy dose of creativity to see the bright side :o)
*Appreciating the calm between the storms of life helps weathering those storms to be a little more bearable :o)
*Sometimes habits fight our lessons learned and mistakes repeat - we can use these to form self-discipline for next time!
*When all else fails: DANCE! :o) Like nobody's watching!

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