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Monday, March 26, 2012

About Me

For my audition tape I need five minutes or less about me for the producers...gracious! That's a short amount of time to squeeze me into!

Well, I thought I would get y'all opinion, I'm thinking something like this:

Hi, I'm Niki Nikolopoulos, yes, it's a tongue you can't say it 10 times fast? I hail from Mooresville, NC and no I wasn't born and raised here. But Race City USA has my heart & my soul so it's my forever home. I am a jack of all trades, master of many. Besides singing I love to write, in fact I'm revising my first novel at the moment. Truth be told, I have many passions, family, friends, church, baking and cooking to name a few. I left a 12 year career in banking to become a stay at home mom last year. It wasn't until a few months after I did that I finally started meeting the real me. I am a goofy, fun loving, eternally optimistic lady who also happens to be a die hard NASCAR fan and a bit of a Twitter addict. I'm ready to rock this! Let's go!

Okay, so honest feedback, what did I miss? What could I do without?

My Thankful Today: the journey that life has taken me on so far!
Second Thanks: Not getting hit in the head with a tire or two!

Lessons Learned:
*When sitting outside the mechanic's reading your book it is important to stay alert!
*If presented with an opportunity for a Bill Engvall joke don't hold back!
*Soak up some sun every chance you get! (Remember your SPF!)
*Once I'm on a water kick it's easy to stay there! YAY!
*Sneak in some time for your favorite hobby as often as possible!

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