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Monday, April 2, 2012

Be Real!

I have been overwhelmingly surprised at the new friendships I have been forming over the past month or two. Surprised because I never would have thought I could make so many connections to so many people all over the world. Overwhelmed because I have real feelings of lasting friendships with some amazing people who seem to feel the same way about me!

I am in awe over how technology can bring people together who would have never otherwise connected. I sit back and wonder how over 450 people think I am interesting enough to 'follow' what I'm typing. I try to determine what it is that draws me to follow them back!

I think my conclusion is that I am real and somehow through my little updates my sincerity comes across. I truly and firmly believe that life is too short! Too short to waste even one moment, too short to have regrets, too short to not spend every possible second of it smiling with pure joy! Maybe that's refreshing in a world where "if it bleeds it leads" and war is a passing phrase that barely registers with too many jaded souls?

For the record, I can't stand watching sad, tragic news stories and I pray for all who are fighting for our freedom daily. I do not take that stuff lightly, please do not read my last paragraph that way. I have a love for my fellow man that makes my heart break when I see anyone in pain. It's why I try to make the people around me keep a smile on their face!

So, if you're wondering what to type next, how to sound more interesting, who you should be more like when you put yourself out there...well, I have some advice! In my humble opinion, I say just be real! Be YOU! People can usually tell when you're fake or trying too hard and it just does not go over well. You don't have to make it a tell all but don't hold back who you really are. We want to interact with genuine people, be one of them!

Thankful for: My newest friends, whom I love w/ all my heart! I hope y'all are reading this - you should know who you are!!
Second thanks: The amazing talents God has blessed me with and any opportunity big or small that I have to share them and Him with my little corner of the world!

Lessons Learned:
*Never walk down a dark hallway full speed ahead, you never know what's in your path!
*I have learned to fully embraced my inner klutz and she's just as goofy as the rest of me!!
*We must now learn to share the phone for we are the proud (?) parents of a tween.
*There are endless silver linings if you know where to can hit me up if ya need help finding one!
*The heart has an amazing capacity for love, you can never love too many people...there's plenty to go around!

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