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Monday, April 9, 2012

Give It To God!

I know I said that this blog was going to be my informal, just for fun outlet and keep my religious banter to my Niki's Thoughts emails, Google+ and Facebook page but...
God is on my mind big time today and I can't walk away from that, it means to me that I'm supposed to share. So, please bear with me! No Bible verse quotes but I'm gonna bear my heart a bit, okay?

Today I went to the post office, yes we could all use God when we have to go there! I had a delivery confirmation receipt for my audition video that kept showing me online that it had been delivered to Charlotte, NC. But the destination was California! I waited in the longest line...ever. I tweeted to avoid boredom. I smiled when I got to the front and asked the man behind the counter how his day was. He was not cheerful. I mailed a package to my goddaughter in Chicago. I asked about the delivery confirmation. He told me to step aside to the window while he got his supervisor for me. 

BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! Wow, that was loud! I wait in front of a closed window, feeling the stares of twenty or so people in line. I was tempted to tweet again but I didn't want to get caught red-handed by the supervisor who's help I needed. The window opens, a large man in a bold pink shirt appears and says to me, "How may I not help you?" REALLY? Is your day so bad that you greet people that way? Eeeek! Poor, sad man! Bless his heart!

I told him my story, he told me I should have paid for a signature instead but he'd look and see if he could find anything out. I leaned on the window ledge, I folded my hands, I bowed my head and I prayed my heart out. I waited. I prayed more. I waited more. Finally he reappears holding a full sheet of paper and tells me my package was delivered last week to the correct address in California! YAY!

I skipped back to my car. Smiling from ear to ear. Then it hits me. It's no longer in my hands. I am completely out of control of my fate. But that's life really. "Control is an illusion." God holds us all in His hands. You know what? I am comforted by that powerful fact! I make far too many mistakes to be left on my own out here! So I'm letting go.I refuse to count down the days. I will practice as if I'm in but live as if I'm not. Life is a journey! It's way more fun if we sit back and enjoy the ride. So give it to God y'all! 

Thankful today: for an amazing birthday yesterday, and all y'all that made it epic!
2nd thanks: connecting with new friends! 

Lessons Learned:
*An extra large shirt from HMS is the equivalent of a medium anywhere else!
*You can build real friendships with people you meet online, step cautiously but love freely!
*The smallest gesture can make the biggest impact!
*Skipping like a school girl is an activity that should be partaken of often!
* Everyone needs a least one person in their life that makes them feel cherished! Cherish them back!

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