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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tackling ADD One Step At...Hey! Look Over...Wait, What Was I Saying?

If you know me well you might need a moment after reading the title of today's blog...go ahead, collect yourself. We'll be waiting right here...or over there...or...hey who's out there? Do I know you? What was the question again?

If you've just stumbled upon me today well first...Welcome to the crazy train! If you go back through the older blogs or through the links (you can find me here too: ) and you'll be up to speed in no time! We're just here to have fun because life is WAY to short to be boring! ;o)

I am slowly beginning to realize the oxymoron that is my life. I can be MEGA organized when I need to be and yet I get easily distracted by the littlest...hey, is that a...oh my bad, where were we? Organization! I've tried a daily planner, guess what I'm supposed to be doing according to that right now? Well, it has nothing to do with this computer on my lap!

At the end of the day the important things all get done and the rest gets shuffled around as needed. When you are tackling so many ideas and projects all at once your brain sits on overload much of the time, however you quickly realize what truly is important, where your passions really lie and who will help keep you focused or motivated! 

One of these days I may look back and wonder where I got all the energy to juggle so many irons in the fire and not get burned but life is too short for regrets! I'm a big user of the Life's Too Short mantras, because it is so true! Tomorrow is not a given! Today is called the Present because it is a gift! The rearview mirror is small because what is behind you is not nearly as important as the path ahead of you! Enjoy the journey! Live life to the fullest! Leave a trail of smiles in your wake!!

Thankful Today: to have the honor of reflecting God's love to as many as He puts into my path! Can you see a Light shining in me? I assure you 100% of the good you see in me is ALL Him!
Second Thanks: amazing friends & family who put up with my ADD, my high energy and my zest for all things positive in life! Y'all make my heart smile big!!!

Lessons Learned:
*You can never have too many BFFs! Each serves a purpose and holds a special place in my heart! Each is as unique as our friendship and an equally treasured slice of my soul!
*Age Three is the beginning of the end of sweetness and innocence!
*Kids will surprise you when you least expect it and they make life a precious if not crazy adventure!
*Sometimes we love our friends and 'adopted' family more than blood relatives but there's plenty of room for all in our hearts!
*There truly is a silver lining in every single situation we encounter! Find yours even if you have to dig with your fingertips!

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