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Saturday, May 5, 2012

How Do You Find What You're Passionate About?

I'm not entirely certain there is one set way to do this! But I'll tell you what I know!

I think you need to be open minded first and foremost. What you want to be passionate about and what you are passionate about may be two ends of a crazy spectrum. Be prepared to learn things about yourself you never expected! 

You've got to ask yourself some important questions, and you have to be honest with yourself about the answers! What is it that you have the most fun doing? If money were no object what would you be doing right this minute? What is it that you could talk about all day every day and never run out of things to say about? 

Did you answer those? Go ahead. We'll wait for you.

So, were you surprised? I know I was!! My biggest surprise is that I have more than one passion. I just wish I could split myself into three or 4 people so I could pursue all of them at the same time!! 

There's something else to consider, when you have decided to go for it then you won't struggle to find the time to do what you are most passionate about. It will rise to the top on its own as naturally as oil floats to the top of water. It's not going to be pulling teeth, it's going to be fun! Well, unless pulling teeth is fun for you? Maybe that's your passion!

Dreams are what gives us hope, passion is what fuels our drive to get there! Passion is the ultimate motivator! So...what are you waiting for? Go find your passion! Now!

Thankful for today: People! All people! I love people! Y'all rock!!
Today's 2nd Thanks: Grace! Being blessed with that which I do not deserve!

Lessons Learned:
*Read the local events in the paper before picking your garage sale date!
*Be willing to compromise, forgive and be generous w/ your time & talents.
*Being honest with others comes naturally, being honest with myself is a huge struggle!
*There is NO corralling a 3-year-old on garage sale day, no matter the bribe!!
*A lizard in the garage will make 3 out of 4 family members scream & laugh simultaneously while the 4th tries to catch it!

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