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Monday, March 5, 2012

What a Weekend...What Next?

Ever have a string of days thrown together that are so awesome the positive energy carries you into a marvelous Monday morning? There's not one thing that was spectacular more just a vibe that's sticks with you. Yea, I got that this morning. ;o)

So how do you channel that continually? How do you keep the momentum flowing in that upbeat environment long term? 

I think most importantly you don't waste it! Push into that pizzazz with all you've got! Whether you clean your house, write a blog, spread the cheer at the office, smile at a stranger or throw yourself into the workout of a lifetime just keep the drive alive. (Could not resist! NASCAR! Yay!)

I'm multitasking mine today, splitting time between playing with my toddler, writing and power scrubbing my house. A girl's gotta be flexible ya know! ;o) Maybe I'll get in some yoga at nap time! How about you? How will you carry the happy weekend feelings through your week?

No happy feelings? Try this link I got from Google+ friend +Joe Hullett:

Thankful for: A strong fence, I think a tree 'fell' on it but it's a small tree so the fence looks unscathed...will wait for wind to calm down before we investigate!
My Second Thankful: Possibilities! They help keep the light at the end of the tunnel from extinguishing!

Lessons Learned:
*Stick to one glass of merlot when 3 hours sleep is what you're running on
*Twitter friends make otherwise quiet nights at home a lot more fun!
*Cleaning ADD still strikes even when you're in a great mood w/ a lot of energy
*The wind can move a FULL trash can up to 4 feet across a curb and the neighbors lawn!
*I need to make time with my IRL friends a priority! I miss them too much!!!

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