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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thankful Thoughts Week Three!

So, are you still with me on giving thanks every day? Did you save your list? Take a look at those wants and needs. Do you still want the same things you did 2 weeks ago? Are your needs different now? 

By the way, how did you do with two things to be thankful for per day? I just about made it until I got distracted and didn't finish this entry last night. I'll post this for Friday and something different for today. :o) The whole idea is to really sit back and put some thought into what you have been blessed with in your life. Take a moment for being thankful. Let the gratefulness wash over you and bring you peace about your life.

I can't make you be thankful, I don't intend that if you're not willing. But if you want to spend each day with a little more peace in your life I hope these few posts about being thankful have helped. If it's something you haven't done in you life, or maybe strayed far from, it can be a long road to peace. Just remember every step you take brings you closer to your goal.

Maybe today you make a new list. Maybe today you remember more than two things you're thankful for. Just go out and live your life to its fullest. Find peace wherever you can. Cling to thankfulness, happiness and your loved ones. They are the real blessings that make you rich!

Thankful today: for every moment I've spent w/ my grandma, and every conversation we have left
My second thankful: prayer. Its power is miraculous!

Lessons Learned:
*The more you talk about tragedy the easier it gets. But that does not mean you forget.
*You are stronger than you know, but sometimes it's not till tragedy strikes that you realize your full potential
*Sunshine and warm temps can do a lot to lift your mood!
*The more you try something that scares you (like singing in front of a 'crowd') the easier it gets!
*People will surprise, good or bad they will always find a way to surprise you

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