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Friday, March 2, 2012

Just For Fun: Diary of a Mom With Cleaning ADD

That's me, I have cleaning ADD. Here's how I figured it out.

6:00 - put whites in washer 
6:30 - washer complete, as I walk towards it I see dirty dish from dinner on kitchen counter
6:35 - dirty dish and washer forgotten I start picking up toys in family room
6:45 - bring toys upstairs, pick up toddler's room
6:50 - stand in hallway wondering what I was going to clean next
6:55 - remember forgotten washed clothes, head back downstairs
7:00 - open laundry room doors, see bleach on dryer, bring bleach to kitchen to put away under the sink
7:05 - leaving kitchen I notice dirty dish, still on counter, remove tin foil, toss in garbage, wipe dish clean and put away
7:10 - notice toaster, junk mail, nesquik, olive oil & hawaiian punch on counters, stack junk mail, put toaster back under counter
7:15 - run upstairs to mediate kids argument over toys, pick up more toys, agree to let kids watch DVD before bed
7:20 - check Twitter, tweet & RT, check Google+, repost, +1 & comments, check Facebook, nothing new, check Tumblr, nothing new, setup new About Me page, check Twitter
8:00 - talk to kids about going to bed after DVD, I think they listened...kind of
8:15 - wipe down kitchen counters, pour glass of Hawaiian punch, look at olive oil & nesquik
8:25 - check weather, freak out, check tornado closet, add extra blanket
8:30 - remember wet clothes in washer, clean lint trap from dryer
8:35 - pick up more toddler toys
8:40 - look at Reba on NBC, she looks pretty good, tornado watch info scrolls, stomach turns over
8:45 - contemplate glass of Merlot vs. FireFly Sweet Tea Vodka
8:50 - remember wet clothes, finally get them into dryer
8:55 - think about putting away nesquik, hawaiian punch & olive oil
9:00 - check twitter, write blog

Maybe tomorrow I'll even fold those clothes, after I sweep the kitchen, and maybe I should vacuum the dining room, who carpets a dining room anyways? Did I tell you the bedroom needs to get dusted and that guest room...oh, where's that drink?

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