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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sometimes You Need To Refocus Your Emotions

Strong emotions are like a power source. I believe you can choose to direct the flow of that power source in whatever direction you choose. It's not that easy you say? You're right and you're wrong...

Easy is not the word to describe the amount of will power it may take to channel anger or hurt emotions into positive results. The fact that it is your choice is the simple truth. Everything we do, our reactions to every situation we encounter it is our choice. The choices may be easy at times or they may be the most difficult we've faced...but they're still ours to make.

I received some shattering news about a beloved family member Monday night. I chose to let my emotions run free for a few hours. I gave in to anger, then pain. I made a deal with myself through my tears: I would not allow myself to dwell in self-pity! I granted myself one good cry and formulated a plan.

I know the next few months, maybe longer, will be tumultuous in my life. I expect to use this to fuel my energy for my writing, for serving others and for becoming a strong example for my family to lean on. Will I stumble? Most definitely! Will I backtrack? Most likely. But will I succeed? Yes, because I will refocus all my emotions to become the power behind the positive I want to exude. 

Thankful for: the sunshine! It makes everything seem brighter!
My second thanks: my family, how we stick together when it matters most!

Lessons Learned: 
*Talking about choices made is only powerful if you lead by example, as the old song says, "more than words"
*It's okay to stumble, even to long as you don't stay down too long!
*Strength is gathered from many sources, some unlikely, some obvious :o)
*Prayer really can move mountains, mountains of worry, doubt, fear & pain
*Once you've successfully refocused your emotions you'll be addicted and want to route them positively time and time again! :o)

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