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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Passion, Addiction or Loneliness?

Social media. 

I spend some days feeling like I have a passion for sharing all sorts of tidbits with my online friends. These are some amazing people that I would have never met otherwise. We share some interests, we share some differences. We banter friendly rivalries. We have a bond that makes me even want to stick up for them if someone else starts acting rude. I am passionate about different things too so I really feel like I have a wide circle of internet pals. It's a fun and free way to have some kind of contact to the outside world when I spend most of my days at home with a temperamental toddler.

There are other days when I wonder if I have an addiction. I don't go more than a can't go a day without some type of social media time. I will tweet while I watch tv. I will check my Facebook hourly. (Usually it does not change that often but why take the chance?) I spend time on my Tumblr & Google+ multiple times daily. If I still had a cell phone I would tweet while I shopped, or at the park, or maybe even from the man cave. (You know, when hubby lets me in!)

Today I started to worry that maybe I'm just lonely. I have a limited social circle in real life. I have great neighbors next door but we only see each other once a week or so, sometimes less. My husband works odd hours so he sleeps at weird times too. I have a couple of really close friends who each live a good thirty minute drive away. Even when I worked full time it wasn't a lot of meaningful interaction with a ton of don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the people I worked with didn't mean anything to me, I miss those gals every day! But it was just a few of us and we rarely saw each other outside of work. 

So, am I just a passionate person who loves to connect with tons of great people? Am I a Twitter addict who needs to find a TA meeting stat? Or am I just a lonely mom looking for a link to civilization? What about you?

Thankful for: A semi-part-time job! Even if they only call me in once or twice a month, every bit helps!
My second thankful: My online friends. They cheer me up when I'm having an off day, celebrate with me when our driver wins and give me +K on Klout so I can feel cool!

Lessons Learned:
*I may be passionate/addicted/lonely but social media doesn't come before family!
*I think the bonds of an online friendship are unique and a wonderful upside to technology :o)
*Passion takes many forms, creativity fuels passion to great heights and addiction can be a side effect!
*Wal-Mart is a MADHOUSE on Saturdays! (Totally unrelated but important info!)
*I honestly think no one reads my blog but I'm okay with that b/c the writing is good practice. :o)

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