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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Doesn't Kill Us...

We've probably all heard the old adage, "what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger." I'm gonna say that under most circumstances it's likely true as well. But as with all of life's lessons it usually comes with side effects, right?

Did it kill me to have a migraine interrupt my concentration for the past, well, how many days? No, I'm still here, I've learned some lessons. I'm probably stronger in some way, used less Excedrin than previous attacks. There are definitely some side effects though. Today I may no longer have much of a headache but my confidence is down. I keep asking myself how I 'let' three days go by without writing anything. 

What makes you question yourself? Can you see how it's also made you stronger? What lessons have you learned? I think we all have an internal desire to move forward. A few things separate those who do from those who dream.

Choices, self discipline and self image come to mind. We have to make the choice to do what we dream of doing. To take those steps towards making progress on our goals. The choice we have in front of us will take a positive self image to believe we CAN go out and do! Once we believe we can do it, and we've made the choice to go do it then we need self discipline to follow through.

"But my dreams are so big I can never realistically get there from here!" Well, first of all, if you want to cross over the bridge from dreamer to doer than you HAVE to drop the words never, can't and impossible from your vocabulary. Take baby steps. Yes, I am obsessed with choices and steps and lists. There are worse things. Um, there are, right? (I'm also a closet office supply addict, is that bad?) 

Seriously, break your dream into achievable steps, make yourself a list of how to and/or what to do to get to the next step. And don't forget to celebrate! No matter how you break up your steps you need to allow yourself a bit of celebration time for each one you check off your list. Now, don't let your party break all your concentration! But do enjoy every little success. Even if the success is just that it didn't kill you!!

Thankful for: Excedrin Migraine. No joke y'all, this stuff really works!

Lessons Learned:
*A few days of rest and no writing doesn't have to turn into a big gap...with a little new-found self discipline I jumped back on the horse (well, laptop) today and got better momentum than I've had in weeks!
*I'm addicted to interacting on Twitter. No seriously, I should have the RT button taken away - I got sent to "Twitter Jail" during the Daytona 500!
*There are a lot of reasons to give up...unless going forward is going to cause serious injury there is no reason to listen to any of them!
*I am not great at tuning out background distractions, like a rambunctious toddler and a talkative tween!
*If something doesn't kill us than not only may we experience the stronger thing but we can probably use it to tell a story, teach a lesson or write a blog! ;o)

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