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Monday, February 20, 2012

Ever Have One Of Those Days?

The kind when you just want to bury your head in the sand and pretend no one can see you? Sometimes the day starts out that way and slowly gets better. Other times it starts that way and stays that way. Maybe the day started out good and has quietly snuck up to buried head status. 

The final example I can think of...the roller coaster. My day started out feeling like I downed a bottle of Ouzo alone last night. (I didn't so it was so not fair!) I had a splitting headache. I had to go out in the muddy traces of snow (if you can call it that with as little as what stuck!) when I wanted to crawl back into bed. 

It got better and now it's backsliding again. So what do you do to avoid being swallowed up by the khaki crystals? Do you just let them swallow you whole? Do you fight fire with fire? Or will you catch more flies with honey?

Okay, so either I've lost you in mixed metaphors and odd visuals OR you're laughing so hard you drink is in danger of becoming a sinus rinse. Well, maybe somewhere in between. :o) But laughter is key! You need a good laugh to shake off the gloom. Battle your inner cranky with a laugh-fest!

Lessons learned:
*Even when it seems things are getting better they can still take a turn for the worse. Hang on folks, gonna be a bumpy ride!
*Always have a laugh backup, don't put all your laugh-hope in one basket (or joke, or person for that matter!).
*My kids can either be the cause or the cure of the cranky's but they're always involved! :oP
*I sometimes concentrate so hard on writing or revising that the cranky's sneak up on anyone who dares interrupt. Must work on being less startle-able!
*When all else fails, write a blog and feel your spirits lift as you wander into a fantasy world where hundreds or thousands of people read & love your advice!

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