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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Turning Around

So yesterday I talked about thankful living as being the basics. I rambled about the need for getting back to those basics, pushing ourselves to be thankful...but if you've long since abandoned thankfulness than how do you turn around?

I have said before that taking small steps is a great way to break up a goal into manageable tasks. This is no different! So, if you want to get serious about getting thankful here's what I want you to do: grab a pen/pencil/marker/etc and paper. Right now. Go, I'll wait. Got something to write with and on? Okay, draw a line down the middle to make two columns. It's alright if it isn't straight, no one's looking and there's no show & tell later. Promise.

The left column I want you to label, 'Needs.' Can you guess what your right column is? Yup, it's your wants column. Now, I want you to write down at least five needs in your first column. Take your time, really think about what you have to have in order to live. Like those "what would you bring to a deserted island" exercises only I'm not sending you to an island. Why are you still reading this, make your needs list!

Got your five needs? Did you get on a roll and come up with more? Hmmm, look them over and say them out loud. Are they truly needs? Only you can answer that. Moving on. You know what's next? Wrong. I'm not gonna ask you to write five wants. Nope. Not gonna do it. I want you to write down ten wants. I think you'll be surprised at how fast you'll come up with them. To keep from going over, number them 1-10. Why? Well, the mom in me wants to say, 'because I said so' but I'll level with you. It's important to get to that tenth one and experience how it feels when you need to stop at ten.

Which column was easier? Were you surprised? Did you write down 'wants' that you already have? Or did you put down things you are wishing for? Next week I'm going to come back to these lists. No, I promised no show & tell. But I do want you to save your list so you can take a look at it again. For now, make yourself a reminder. Whatever works best for you. You can go digital with a calender reminder on your computer or smart phone. You can go basic with a post it note on your mirror, fridge or coffee maker. Whichever you choose make sure it will remind you every day for the next week to say out loud one thing you are thankful for.

"I'm already pretty good at giving thanks Niki!" Okay, so why are you still reading this? Just kidding, really, I am thankful you've stuck with me. Honest! Well, if you are reading this, feeling pretty thankful and want a bigger challenge than shoot for 2-3 thankfuls per day. If you're going digital, try setting 2 or 3 different reminders for various times in your day. Post it peeps? You should post in 2 or 3 locations, say the bathroom mirror, the fridge and maybe your car. Find what works for you and push!

Thankful for: You! If you are reading my ramblings than I am most thankful for you! :o)

Lessons Learned:
*Turning around towards something good when we've strayed the positive path in life is made more manageable not only in small tasks but also in a group.
*You don't have to meet in person to be friends.
*My kids will take cues from me. If I'm thankful, they'll get there. If I'm crabby, they'll whine the day away!
*Distraction comes in too many forms to mention...must find better way to stay focused!
*No matter how many hours you have in a day, you'll always wish you had at least one more...I just need to make the most of the ones I'm given!

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