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Monday, February 13, 2012

Long Week Ahead

Get ready to laugh, do NOT take a drink of ANYTHING while you read this...

I was reading thru my Twitter feed to see what I missed while I slept (nasty necessity, thinking of hooking up a coffee IV so I can avoid it) and I read a friend's post that began with #FF (Follow Friday for my non-tweeters out there) and so I was like, oooo, I have a few to share! Hubby looked over my shoulder and asked, "Who's #FF?" (He's a bit of a twitter virgin himself) and I told him what it stands for. "But it's Monday!" Oh Boy! (Needless to say I quickly deleted my tweet!)

So, I'm thinking this week is going to be extra long if I thought today was Friday. Ugh! Waiting to hear on a job opening, planning out meals, fighting with the checkbook and cleaning the house is not going to help it pass faster! I need to get lost in my book editing/revising but that is SO hard to do while also entertaining a toddler. (Though he is doing a nice job of entertaining himself by dragging around his plastic b-ball hoop right now!) 

Lessons Learned:
*Think before you type! (And check a calendar once in a while!)
*Be open to laughing at yourself, or you'll cry. A lot.
*Coffee is a lifeline, use it but don't abuse it (Wait, is there such a thing?)
*Write down the funny things your kids say when they say them or you will forget (and then you can't embarrass them years from now!)
*Find time for what your passionate about every day! Life is too short not to.

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