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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Running Circles In Place

"We could drive in circles on these ramps for hours if we wanted!"

I like to drive, I usually am the one who wheels us around town. I do have roads I love to avoid though! I am more of a back-roads kinda gal, I prefer the quiet 2-lane rural highway through the horse fields and cow pastures. Which is why I loathe driving on Highway 150 in Mooresville. And Harlem Avenue in the Chicago suburbs. Plus there's Midlothian Turnpike in Virginia. Yikes!

Tonight, as I contemplated taking the long way home to keep from my arch enemy road, I thought about what else I avoid. Well, there's the obvious: laundry! I don't mind the washing and the drying...but the putting away, UGH! I put off dealing with the bills until I absolutely have no choice. I even stay away from talking on the phone - which is odd because: a} I usually have a lot to say; and b} I usually enjoy talking once I'm actually on the phone.

I guess there's a metaphor to be drawn from avoiding one road by circling around and around on another, something about how we'll never move forward and grow in our lives if we are avoiding the tough or uncomfortable parts. We've got to take it all in, good, bad and in between, and learn our lessons from each road our journey leads us down. 

Lessons learned today:
*It does not kill me to let someone else drive (in fact I didn't even get carsick)
*Life's giving me a journey of laughter & love that I am blessed to enjoy
*Laughter abounds when you have children in your life (today my 3 yr old raised his hand and said, "I want to!" when I said don't spit in the mixing bowl)
*Vitamin C is the BEST weapon when fighting allergies that want to become an infection
*The wind & cold won't kill me (but if I don't stop complaining about winter someone else might!)

Have a blessed night! Hope ya'll are staying warm wherever you may be!!!

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