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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shake Off The Rain Delay

I had a plan for today. Ok, I had hopes for today. Two things have dampened that quickly...a killer migraine and the longest Daytona 500 rain delay I've ever suffered through. So how do you put a happy spin on your day after that?

Employ some patience, creativity and it doesn't hurt to follow some funny folks on Twitter! It also helps when the kids are cooperative about naps and snuggle time. Seriously though, life is full of curve balls and we all have heard the expression about rolling "with the punches." It's true, we need to be able to adapt, we need to have an open mind, we need to remain positive and flexible.

Our situation may in so many cases be completely out of our control but our reaction to our circumstances is our choice and it's what we do have control over. No matter what goes on around us the choice remains ours whether we're going to make it a good day or not. Surrounding yourself with others who can also roll with the punches helps!

So, what's your best: #replacewordinmovietitlewithdanica ?

Thankful for: Lazy Sunday afternoons and Excedrin Migraine!

Lessons Learned:
*Rain delayed races are only fun for a certain amount of's has long passed it
*No matter how many years pass the sight of that black #3 into the wall at Daytona brings back the tears. Every time.
*A simple thing like a long, hot shower can work wonders for the downers!
*Ice Cream is another good cure for the rain delay blues!
*My low tolerance for disrespect takes a nosedive during a massive headache

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