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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting Back To Basics

I was conversing with a new Twitter friend last night and I realized that what I had originally had in mind for this blog and what I've actually done with it are a little off sync. I didn't want to stray far from my devotional writing roots, if you will, but mostly I'm so random in here that a stranger wouldn't guess that about me!

So, today, back to basics! I want to keep things light, casual and uplifting, maybe a little comical. I need your help! Please tell me what you'd like to see here. How to stay thankful? When to throw your arms in the air, laughing so you don''t cry? Why I still believe in miracles? I am trying to brainstorm several topics at a time so I won't run out of things to say!

A friend on facebook had a great reminder about being thankful this morning. I think it is SO easy to forget to say we're put off our thanks until later, eventually never getting around to it. We need to say thanks in every moment, especially when we don't think there's anything to be thankful for. We live in an age of 'gotta have it now,' and 'different, more, better.' It can lead to an unsatisfactory existence. 

We see what everyone else has and we wish for it. We hope for it. We pine away for it. We never notice when we cross over the line of challenging ourselves to move forward into the realm of greed. We blur the boundaries between wants and needs so badly that we can't tell them apart. If we never push ourselves to find  the blessings in our lives during the tough times than we won't recognize the good times when we start living them again...because nothing will ever be enough. 

If we get stuck in the dimension where our wants become our needs than someone else will always have more than us. There will be an unending supply of something better just out of our grasp. But it is never too late to turn around and get back to basics! It will most definitely be harder the longer it's been since you veered off on the wrong path but it's never too late. 

I'm not going to spend every day talking about being thankful but I am going to 'continue' this thought tomorrow by delving into how to push yourself back to basics. I'm also going to begin ending every blog with one thing I am thankful for on top of my lessons learned for the day. I hope you'll join me on this journey, I can't tell you where it's going to lead but I have a feeling we'll have some fun along the way!!

Thankful for: Mornings my toddler sleeps in past 8 so I can type uninterrupted!

Lessons Learned: 
*Just about the time you're ready to give up on them, your tween surprises you with the good inside them that they were hiding from you
*Knowing you're halfway through the week does not make Wednesday any closer to's still two more days! Or it's only two more days! 
*Being thankful isn't just something to do, it's a way of life we should strive for, it should become a need like air, bread & water
*Whoever said, "If you want what you already have than you'll always be satisfied," was exactly right! 
*I look forward to library day more than my son does! I can't wait to fill my canvas bag full of more novels I haven't yet read!

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