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Monday, February 20, 2012

Word of the Day is Push

I had to push myself to type this blog today. I tried my small steps to see if I could find my inspiration there. No such luck. I tried blaming my ongoing sinus battle (which I was losing big time today) but truthfully I was a distracted procrastinator!

I opened this blog post page more than two hours ago. I let myself become distracted! I napped (okay, not procrastination, that was an immune tactic to fight off this crud I've been at war with), read books, took a long bath, watched movies...well, you get the picture. I was the queen of procrastination and I realized a few minutes ago that I've been procrastinating on revising my manuscript as well!

I'm  not going to bore you with my self-diagnosed psycho babble about the why behind either of my procrastination projects. I am going to say that when I thought I would just skip a day on my blog (who reads it anyway, right?) I told myself NO! I pushed at my own fears, self-consciousness, laziness and I made myself get on with it.

Does the best writing come out when you push? Maybe not, but if you keep pushing then I believe that one day you will push through whatever barrier in our minds is really holding us back and we will burst through that dam into a realm of inspiration, quality and (hopefully) lots of precious words!

Lessons Learned:
*Procrastination is NEVER a good idea (like waiting until now to type this!)
*Snow is easier to handle when you know it's going to melt in less than 24 hours
*I may not survive another 3 year old - who knew boys could throw tantrums like that??? And they're SO obviously faked!
*Sleep should not be avoided, you can never truly "catch" up!
*Vitamin C is my best friend! (Okay, okay, ONE of my BF's ~ I have many!!)

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