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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Uh-Oh, Technically I Missed a Day!

Ok, so it still FEELS like Friday, because I've only been home from work for an hour and I'm still wide awake. Does this count as skipping a day? As long as I type another Saturday blog I think I'm gonna clear myself from that! Because I'm on a roll doggone it!

Gotta love Fridays, even people who are perpetually cranky are usually bearable on a Friday. There's something in the air that says, "be happy, it's the weekend!" Do you feel it? It's kind of funny because I'm sure scientifically and all that jazz I'm sure we'd be told that the same percentage of people are the same amount of emotions on a Friday as any other day...kind of like how they swear that there's no "real" difference when there's a full moon. But if you've ever worked retail, banking, hospital, __________ (fill in profession that I'm missing?) then you KNOW the full moon means EVERYONE acts NUTS!!!

So why does Friday get us feeling so good? Is it because the week is over? Is it because it was "instilled" in us from an early age, "Thou shalt love Fridays"? Or is it one of those things we should not over-analyze? Like cookie dough ice cream's healing qualities? Should we just go with it? Maybe so, hey, it can't be bad if everyone's feeling happier than normal, can it?

Well, I think for me it's more habit but there is more time for family fun on the weekends since hubby doesn't work too many, I work sporadically and my daughter won't have to get up for school...could just be me! Maybe Fridays give us hope. Hope is essential for survival. I read this awesome quote on goarch,org this week about how if faith were a tree than hope was its branches. Let's grab onto the branch of hope that is Friday and claim the positive features to springboard us into a great weekend!!!

Lessons Learned:
*Procrastination during the day leads to missing dinner and posting an overdue blog. (Not that I think anyone was sitting on pins and needles waiting for this but I'm skirting the edges of breaking a deal with myself)
*Jimmy Fallon is distracting when I'm trying to type ;o)
*Fridays are fun 90% of the time...even when you have nothing to do
*No matter what I do this post will show a date of 2-18-12 which makes it look like I missed a day
*Compromise is crucial in all walks of life, including making a deal with me, myself & I ;o)

***Niki's Thoughts email should go out tomorrow, thanks for your patience my email subscribers!!!

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