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Friday, February 10, 2012

Learning Can Be Fun! (Usually)

Revising or self-editing a novel is a great way to learn just how many mistakes when you write stream-of-consciousness an entire book. I'm only through Chapter One (of 21) and I have a page (front AND back) of notebook paper with all the edits I need to work on.

Potty Training both a girl and a boy teaches us that the vast differences between the sexes begins at an early age! I'm talking the mindset, the personality, the only thing that is consistent is that mostly ALL humans at some point in their lives are more stubborn than a mule.

Teaching respect begins at home, we know this, but in the pop-culture world where rebellion rocks and respect is an ancient term this quickly is becoming an "it takes a village" task! I can't remember a lot of my childhood (part curse, part blessing!) but I remember specifically the first time I disrespected my mom...I made the mistake of back talking her in front of my Grandfather. I had a red mark on my cheek for the entire day! I was 13. I was never disrespectful like that again, and it was the one and only time I was ever physically disciplined (far as I can remember but I think that would be memorable even for me). I'm not saying we all need our parents to come smack our kids, not even close. I AM saying that we need to find a discipline that shocks the respect back into this next generation.

This Dad's got the right idea:

Maybe the gun was a bit much but I'm guessing hoping his daughter learns that respect goes both ways and when you shatter it too often you get bit. (Or your computer gets shot.) If not for all the cuss words I would be showing that clip to my daughter - she has her moments but I know she's got a good heart, she just needs that shock value!

I think if we remember that EVERY situation in life has a lesson to be learned, if we approach those lessons armed with good humor and an open mind then we will find that all this "learning something new each day" really can be fun! C'mon, would you rather stay right where you are, nothing changes, never learning from your mistakes (or others')? Or would you rather fall down, laugh at yourself, pick yourself back up and make some notes about what you've learned?

I'm spending 2012 looking for life's lessons every day...wanna join me?

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