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Thursday, February 9, 2012

So Much For Consistency!

Consistency - it's overrated, right? 

Okay, so maybe not but isn't half the fun of a totally random person the fact that you NEVER know what to expect from them? If you're new to Niki's Thoughts you will soon find out that I can indeed be that random person! Usually a happy random, still random nonetheless.

So what have I been up to while in hiding the past month or so? Learning that I cannot KIS (Keep It Simple), that 3's are always harder than 2's and that if 6th grade is survived we ALL deserve a party this June! Oh, and I am capable of spewing out a novel. Yes, spewing is most definitely the appropriate word here for I had the entire 50,000 words or my rough draft written before I went back through and figured out where the Chapters began and ended!

I am now working on the painstaking process of revisions...well, sorta...this Blog thing is a creative outlet to, um, uh, help keep my brain waves fresh. Yeah, that's it, fresh perspective! Well, also, I have a couple of VERY AWESOME and PATIENT and GENEROUS friends who are taking a preview and giving me some much needed feedback on what's not working. (Last night I found 16 things in the first 4 pages that I need to edit so these are SERIOUSLY GENEROUS friends, and ladies-you know who you are-I love you!)

I also submitted my interest in working for a new Social Media/Branding Company that I think would be a DREAM JOB to get so I'm keeping fingers crossed on that too. I would LOVE to work in a job where I can use my creative thinking skills and my passion for writing in all forms, please keep me in your prayers!

Things I've Learned:
*So NOT kidding about the 3's - my son is keeping me on my toes and then some...mostly it's fun but some days there's not enough coffee & merlot available!
*I have a MAJOR passion for writing and this is what I need to be doing (besides being a wife, mom, friend, volunteer, etc)
*Red wine is good for the heart and for the nerves
*Writing can make me somewhat insomniac
*I get distracted easily, like now, I really want to check my Twitter instead of finishing th...wait, what was I doing?

Well, I don't know if anyone out there is reading this but if you are I hope you smiled at least once. Life is too short to take everything so seriously! Laugh daily, love unconditionally and pass along a few smiles to strangers!

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