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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mmmm, Pancakes

The day before Lent begins has many labels. Mardis Gras, Paczki Day, Fat Tuesday & Pancake Day come to mind. What others have you heard? 

In honor of Pancake Day I have decided to make pancakes for dinner for the kiddos and I. (Paczkis were our fave when we lived in Chicago but haven't found a place to buy them here.) Pancakes are an artistic expression in my house. Many times the discussion over what to put in them is far overshadowed by the one over what color they will be.

Yup, I'm the goofy mom who adds food coloring to almost every batch of pancakes I make. My daughter's favorite question to her friends the morning after a sleepover, "what color pancakes do you want?" Guest's choice, of course! So, if you come for a stay here be sure to know what color you'd like! (The choices in case you're wondering: Pink, purple, yellow, orange, blue, green)

Tell me, would you be more or less inclined to reach for the pancakes if they were "dyed" a colorful hue? Please comment below, keep it clean! :o)

Oh yeah, Lessons Learned:
*Boxed Pancakes are faster but once you've made from scratch enough times you won't mind the minute or two more of gathering the best ingredients!
*Pancakes are more fun with colors and with mix-ins!
*Lent is a time of serious reflection; the day before Lent begins is a time of serious eating
*Not everyone is brave enough to try a green pancake!! (unless they watched you mix in the food coloring!)
*Writing this has made me begin to wonder what other foods I could add some fun colors to!

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