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Sunday, August 5, 2012

There's Always Good To Be Found

How does that saying because you never know what kind of battle the person you're smiling at is going through? Well, something like that, right?

How many times a day do we let the little things get under our skin? There's a great song by Francesca Battistelli where she talks about how the little stuff makes us forget how blessed we are. I'm not gonna go all Biblical on you but I will say this - God is good and how often do we take Him for granted?

Sure, we may struggle to pay our bills, we may have a loved one who doesn't see eye to eye with us, we may be struggling with a disease but are we alone? No. Are there others who are worse off than we are? Always. So why does it drag us down and pull us through the dirt? Simply put: because we let it.

I apologize if you're a long time reader of mine, this may sound a little redundant, but this needs to be said again and is our choice! Our attitude determines our mood. We can approach things by looking for the silver lining, the positive side, which is always there somewhere...or we can wallow in the pain and let it suffocate our lives.

It doesn't matter if we're talking off the Richter Scale pain here y'all, there is always a way to re-channel that energy into something positive. I'm gonna drop one more Biblical reference, God promised us in His word that He would work all things to good for those who love Him...if that's not hope to cling to I don't know what is. So cling to the good, search for the positive, push past the pain and see the blessings in your life.

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